Right to Life

March for life
The Roman Catholic Church upholds the consistent ethic of life. This means all human beings have a right to life from conception to natural death. In support of this fundamental belief, St. Thomas Aquinas proudly partakes in activities of our local Right to Life chapter. St. Thomas Aquinas participates with the National Life Chain Stand for Life at the intersection of Dressler and Everhard in Belden Village. This project began in California in 1987 and is now a yearly nationwide event.

St. Thomas Aquinas also participates in the March for Life. Each year students and parents of St. Thomas Aquinas depart for Washington on Sunday evening and travel overnight by bus to arrive in the nation's capital at the crack of dawn. These experiences are extremely empowering. It is amazing to see so many people fighting for life! 

These are wonderful opportunities for St. Thomas Aquinas students and parents to put Catholic faith into action. Interested participants should contact Sister Jean, Campus Minister, during school during regular school hours (330)875-1631. 
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