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Honors Biology completes 3-week experiment

Mr. Sicker's Honors Biology classes recently completed a three-week plant lab. Students tested the effects of a growth hormone on the size of dwarf plants. Their experiment clearly showed the impact of growth hormones. Labs are a favorite part of a Central Catholic science class experience. From gender prediction, microscopic observations, plant growth, and dissection, our students participate in dozens of labs. When graduates come to visit, one of their most vivid memories is the labs they did with our science department. 
At Central Catholic, most of our students earn at least 4 credits in science (3 credits are needed for graduation, at least 4 are recommended for college-bound students, and an Academic Honors Diploma). Many students take much more than four science classes over their 4 years. We offer 15 different science options that allow students to either meet graduation requirements or prepare for collegiate-level science courses and careers in the science field.
General Biology
 Honors Biology
 AP Biology
 Physical Science
 General Chemistry
 Honors Chemistry
 AP Chemistry
 General Physics
 AP Physics 
 Earth Science
 Environmental Science
 Anatomy & Physiology
 Anatomy & Physiology 2
In addition to remembering the lab work in their science courses vividly, graduates often tell us that they saved their notes from their science courses here at CCHS and used them to master their college-level science courses! We’re proud of our outstanding Science Department, they boast the top test scores in the county!

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