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Day of the Dead part of Crusaders Global Studies

We pride ourselves at Central Catholic in teaching students to explore the cultures and beliefs of others to instill in them a sense of appreciation for each person’s unique God-given identity and to develop a love for others.

One example of that is the way our staff encouraged students to learn more about "Día de Muertos," or the Day of the Dead earlier this month.

First, our Spanish Club invited students to gather after school to celebrate the Day of the Dead by painting pumpkins and learning more about the significance of the day. The Day of the Dead pumpkin painting is an annual tradition that students look forward to each year, as it is one of our most popular student activities.

Second, our Spanish classes observed the Day of the Dead with special classroom instruction. For example, Ms. Edgell taught her classes about the traditions of Day of the Dead. Students created class projects that fit the significance of the day, working on assignments in small groups, utilized classroom technology by doing research on their Chromebooks and watching videos on the classroom interactive board, and incorporated our faith in a prayer area for those who have gone before us.

Noting the Day of the Dead is just one of the ways Crusaders learn about other cultures and see the intersection of faith and curriculum. Students have the opportunity to travel abroad, participate in active Language Clubs, are offered 3 different language courses, and can select from a number of courses that explore other cultures such as British Literature, Holocaust Literature, World Religions, World Literature & Composition, World Studies, and more!


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