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Responding to Coronavirus School Closure

Dear families,
Under the order of Governor DeWine, the Ohio Department of Health, and the Diocese of Youngstown, St. Thomas Aquinas High School and Middle School is closed. The safety and health of our students is our top priority, as such the STA administration closed our school on Friday, March 13. All school events are postponed, we will contact families with updated information on postponed events when we have it. We hope the steps we are all taking, taken in solidarity for the health of our community, will help flatten the curve of those impacted by the Coronavirus. We will do our very best to communicate with our families as information is made available to us.  Please stay safe! We will keep all of our families in our prayers.
Office Hours 
At this time, our staff is working remotely. We do have plans for LIMITED staff members to be in the building to check messages and mail. Our staff will continue to address any needs of our students and staff, please contact us for any of your needs. If for any reason, a student or family member needs our assistance please call us at 330.875.1631, feel free to leave a message if no one answers. You can also reach our staff by email. A list of email addresses for our staff can be found here: Faculty & Staff Directory.  
At-Home Learning during the Coronavirus
Beginning Monday, March 16, we began online schooling. Students should refer to the resources provided by their teachers for their school assignments and refer to their Google Classroom. All students were instructed to take their books home, if they are missing materials, families can make arrangements to come to school and pick-up those items. Students should have the codes to teacher Google Classrooms, if they do not, they are listed below. Students are encouraged to contact their teachers with any questions, all of our staff is working from home through our closure and are here to help. Information from St. Thomas teachers will be on Google Classroom, emailed to families, or as necessary, paper packets will be mailed home. 
Teachers will also arrange Zoom meetings for their classes. Parents and students are encouraged to read these suggestions for using Zoom: Meetings on Zoom
Teachers have a set schedule for Zoom meetings for their classes. Parents and students are encouraged to view this schedule each week: Teacher Zoom Schedule 
Communication will be ongoing. 
Join us in Prayer 
Please join us in prayer for all those affected by the Coronavirus. We will continue to keep our students, staff, Aquinas family, the community-at-large, our state, and our nation in our prayers. Each day at 9:00 am, while our Aquinas family cannot come together in person, we will post a prayer on our Facebook page page, @St.ThomasAquinasHighSchoolOfficial. It is our hope we will all come together in prayer. 
Free Education Resources
Many companies and organizations are offering free subscriptions and resources to students during this school closure. These resources enhance at-home learning, and can be used to help educate students on a variety of subjects while they are completing their remote learning. For running lists of these resources, please visit:
Amazing Educational Resources
National School Choice
Digital Learning Resources
Diocese of Youngstown (Religious Education)
Free Internet and Access Information can be found at:
Companies providing Internet and Access during COVID-19 
Companies Keeping  Americans Connected 
St. Thomas Aquinas is proud to be providing carry-out breakfast and lunch for anyone ages 0-18. Please visit STA Meal Services for more information. For a running list of organizations throughout Stark County that provide food and other services, please visit: Stark County Food Services: Stark County Food Services
Latest News
Each day, Governor DeWine is hosting a 2:00 pm press conference with the latest Ohio news surrounding the response to the Coronavirus. To watch his press briefings please visit:
Additional Resources 
Google Classroom: 
Parent's Guide for Google Classroom: Please read this article for helpful hints. If anyone needs help with Google Classroom, our staff is happy to help. Please email a teacher or call the school for additional assistance.
High School Google Classroom Codes:  
Mr. Murphy - Religion
Grade 9: pmFvLy5
Grade 11: mg3ifh5
Honors 12: sKbRv2s
Grade 12: 2vhL3xg

Miss Maher
Grade 10: za65dyd

Miss Stranan - History
AP Us History: ce5mnjd
US History: ftqfhik
Sociology: odczknp
Youth & Law: am7mtop
Fin. Literacy: p7wv3im

Ms. Oyster - Choir: stevcx2

Mr. Vagedes
Foundations: pipml3r
Hon. Foundations: la2zgoh
Chemistry: y7iqnxj
Hon. Chemistry: lp5kzwf

Mrs. Bravis
Ceramics I: cuofl2t
Ceramics II: vkb4bdy
Drawing I: lfn24ds
Drawing II: drmqtwb
Independent: 37a2rph

Mrs. Ray
CCP/AP calc: wqqicnc
CCP Stats: 5rypra6
Hon Alg/Trig: 2owk61x
CCP PreCalc: skyzjiw

Mrs. Barnhouse
Forensics: qnh2xjd
Algebra: d5exdsj
Anatomy: gqv4iyw

Mrs. Stroia
Honors World Lit - Mod 8: daj3fed
Mass Media/Visual Com - Mod 5/6: xruhd27
British Literature - Mod 2: k2c7qls
American Lit- Mod 4 : lalvbb4
AP Lit and Comp - Mod 9 : 3xpkflo
World Lit - Mod 1: n6dbtt7

Mrs. Perna
Freshman: e26dmno                         
Sophomore: dbqqw7n  
Juniors: 2wgbkfe         
Seniors: sb2f6gx
Senora Oyster
Sp 1 Mod 2: ddka7uo
Sp 1 Mod 3: pwenb4n
Sp 1 Mod 4: e4dl3m7
Sp 2 Mod 1: wzhkpcp
Sp 2 Mod 8: ajlzonm
H. Sp 3: 5njhawk

Mrs. Bowman
World His. Mod 1: fcad2e3
World History Mod 3: ao5gvks
Honors World History Mod 4: y4ud7ir
American Gvrmnt CCP mods 5/6 & 8: a2y7gun

Mr. Stanek
Algebra 1 Mod 1: pie7ohm
Geometry Mod 2&3: 4pu74vv
Algebra 2 Mod 8: vtxq3dh
College Prep Mod 9: 4wta4cw

Mrs. Buckridge (Miss Piercy)
Honors Biology: bo6jh4a
Biology: ykhzzah

Mr. Evans
9.1: qgypmk4
9.2: pzljs7g

Middle School Google Classroom Codes:
Mrs. Bravis
Art6: 4pf3air
Art 7: xdoyf6o
Art 8: x736654m

Ms. Oyster
Choir: stevcx2

Mr. Hall
Ancient History
7.1: n3kztv5
7.2: vxps5zc
7.3: ry5emvz

American History
8.1: yicnvj5
8.2: 3ghi5do

Mrs. Zink
6th grade intervention: 3hsfrld
7th grade intervention: fzsel75
8th grade intervention: tkvspqb

Mrs. Burse
6th grade: dcu2tpf
7th grade: r7upxqp
8th grade: ttnpc4w

Mrs. Barnhouse
8.1: vxo7ma3
8.2: esy4nfz

Miss Maher
 7: 3djpl6t
 8: 7pwtbd4
Mrs. Sautters
Religion: b4v5qdp
Social Studies: vopzsd5

Mrs. Lenox
6th Grade Math: f4xo6xy
6th Grade Science: pwcpwk4
Mrs. Emerick
8th grade Sec. 2: vuos6hm
8th grade Sec. 1: pwkuchy
7th grade Sec 1: usxriqr
7th grade Sec 2: srni2sy
7th grade Sect 3: 2sxbmeb
Mrs. Buckridge (Miss Piercy)
Seventh grade: gajteyi
Health: yivui7z

Miss Wise
6.3 ELA: 6m2cqm7
6.2 ELA: 5qwlh43
7.3 Religion: dtzd42n
7.1 Religion: hwugv6l 

Mr. Evans
7.2: qxpqlr3
8.1: frjz62e
8.2: ubvpnir

Miss Ignazio
Grade 7 ELA (7.1 & 7.3): zwc52h7
Grade 6 ELA (6.1): seep3gf

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