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Communication Between Our School and Your Family
This year, perhaps more than any other year, it’s crucial that we have a strong line of communication between our administration, teachers, staff and Aquinas families. We use a variety of platforms to ensure our families have the latest Aquinas News. 
1. Parent/Guardian Phone Calls, Texts, & Emails
Please make sure your information is updated with the office. Our first form of communication to our families is by reaching them through our parent alert system which includes phone calls, texts, and weekly emails. 

To update your contact information, you can call the school at 330.875.1631 or fill out an online form found on our website at:

2. Communication with Staff and Teachers
Our staff is happy to talk with families and answer questions. One of the hallmarks of Catholic education is the relationship that develops between families, their student(s), and our staff. We believe those relationships are key to student success both inside and outside of the classroom. To contact our staff, emails can be found on our website under our Staff Directory found at:

3. School Website -

Our school website is a good source of information. Every school morning, we post the morning PA announcements, that feature can be found under “Announcements” on the site. We also post other important news under the “News” and “Announcements” sections. The site also holds our important forms and documents, as well as other important school information, such as our "Quick Links" section which has the links to our student management system, calendar, and uniforms and spirit gear.  

4. Stark County Catholic Schools App
St. Thomas Aquinas, through our Stark County Catholic Schools System has its own app. To download our free app, visit your Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The app is Stark County Catholic Schools, once you download the app and allow notifications, you can select the individual school you want to follow, you will see our school on that list. We use the app to send out information on upcoming events, news, and calendar changes. On the app you will also find morning announcements and the "Quick Links" section mentioned above. 

5. Social Media
We share news, information on upcoming events, and stories about what our students are doing and achieving throughout the year on two social platforms, Facebook and Twitter. Please follow us on Facebook, @St. Thomas Aquinas High School (official), and/or on Twitter, @stahsoh.
We have gone to great lengths to ensure a strong communication channel. It is our hope that together, we will make this a fantastic school year!  

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