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St. Peter's Fifth Grade Graduating Class

This week, we celebrated our fifth-grade class graduating! Mrs. Penland congratulated the students with the following speech:

"Fifth graders, you made it!  Congratulations!  As you are ready to leave our St. Peter happy home I want to tell you what a privilege it has been to be your teacher this year.  I have truly enjoyed having all of you in the classroom.  

Here are nine thoughts I would like to share with you.
1. Always believe in yourself - you can achieve anything I have witnessed it.
2. Stay strong when things are difficult, that is how you grow.
3. Never give up because if you do you will never know what you could have achieved.
4. Be grateful for everything you have, even the small things.
5. Work hard - It is through hard work and dedication that you will achieve your dreams and goals.
6. Stay humble - let your hard work and achievements speak for you.
7. Be kind - Kindness and love should always have a place in your heart.
8. Keep smiling- Your smile brightens any room or situation.  I love seeing all of your smiles.  Share them with others, brighten their day, as you brightened mine.
9. Finally, fifth grade, remember Once a Hornet always a Hornet!

Graduate Spotlights:
Omyra - You were the first one I would usually see every morning.  You always had a smile as you walked into the classroom for another day of school.  I looked forward to seeing you and your smile with my coffee in the morning.  Thank you for sharing your happiness with me.

Josh - Josh you have grown tremendously as a student.  I remember the first days of your fourth grade year and how you would look at the paper and not believe you could do it.
This year not only can you achieve in your studies you have grown as a person with confidence and care for others.

Kayeoneaj - K.K. - You have worked so hard over these past two years and I am just bursting with pride at your accomplishments!  You are the poster child demonstrating to everyone that hard work and dedication pay off.  I am very proud of you.

Ramiro - You are a young man of few words.  Your actions however are a testimony to what a fine young man you are.  Every day you help the younger ones into the car whether it was sunny, pouring down rain, or freezing cold.  Only after everyone piled in the minivan did you get in the car.  You are a conscientious, hard-working student and I wish you the best.

Daniela - I so enjoyed your bubbly personality in class!  Your cheerfulness and sunny disposition are truly contagious.  You are a dedicated student and your schoolwork reflects the hard work and time you put into your studies.  

Melanie - This year you were always prepared for class, participated, and did your best.  You truly have a talent for drawing and I love the pictures you made me over this school year. They are amazing!  

Carter - You came to us late in the school year, but I am so glad you did!  I can’t imagine the fifth grade without you being a part of us!  You were the missing piece as you just fit from the first day!  I am so glad I have had the opportunity to meet you and be your teacher even if it was for a short period of time.

Alexis - You have been an absolute pleasure to have had in class this school year.  Your happy spirit and warm smile will be greatly missed.  I wish you the best next year.

Elizabeth - Like Josh, I met you in the fourth grade and you had very little self-confidence when it came to your schoolwork.  Girl, what a difference between then and now!  You are self-confident, you turn in quality work, you have grown academically, and most importantly you have grown as a person.  I am proud of everything you have accomplished this year.

Derek - I am going to miss you sitting by my desk giving me one-liners that only you and I could hear. I am also going to miss that smile that told the story and the creativity you possess.  Such as making a mask out of a brown paper towel!  You have tremendous potential Derek and I can’t wait to see where you go with it.

Tony - Antonio!  You are so gifted with the ability to put things together or fix them.  My smartboard for example, when the volume wasn’t right or I had a picture problem you knew what to do and I truly appreciated that!  You were always ready to roll up your sleeves and lend a hand no matter what needed to be done.  You truly have a marvelous work ethic and I wish you the best next year.

Hector - I am going to miss those matter-of-fact comments that solved the crisis of the classroom, at the moment.  Your comments always brightened up our days and put a smile on my face.  You are a hardworking student and I wish you the best next year.  

Lola - I always knew when you became comfortable in the classroom because your stuff was sprawled in a circle completely around your desk.  It was like a little home away from home!  I am going to miss that matter-of-fact tone, your reasoning on why I should or should not do something. One of the best memories I will always keep is the day you shared with me your dream to go to West Point and we googled it to see what needed to be done so you could make that dream come true.  Thank you for sharing that dream with me.  

Emelin - I always looked forward to seeing you in the morning as you would greet me with a big smile and good morning. You have a  kind heart and were always ready to help your fellow student before I could even ask you.  You are a good student and give a 100% to your studies.  I wish you the best next year.  

Mykel - Kel I am proud of how you have come out of your shell this year and tried things that may not have been in your comfort zone.  I am especially proud of how you volunteered to read at mass and rocked it. Congratulations!

Congratulations, students and best of luck in middle school!"

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