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Prospective Families

Welcome all students and families interested in joining the Our Lady of Peace School community! At Our Lady of Peace, we are together in faith, excellence and service. Enter our site here to learn more about:

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Current Families

For those who are currently enrolled or a part of the Our Lady of Peace School family: Thank you for choosing OLOP for your education! Enter our site here to find:    
       Student and Parent Portals         

       Forms and Documents 

       Getting Involved


The support of current families, alumni, and friends of Catholic education make it possible for us to continue thoroughly serving our students and better prepare them to become leaders of tomorrow. Our mission is made possible through each and every donation, no matter the amount, and helps us provide excellent education and student experiences.


Welcome back! We value those who have completed their education at Our Lady of Peace School and always welcome you back to your beloved campus. Enter our site here to learn more about:

       Alumni Giving
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