Our Lady of Peace offers academic excellence rooted in the Catholic faith and tradition. With personalized learning, students achieve at high levels in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts. A strong partnership between educators and families ensures that students achieve their personal best and develop the character enrichment needed for success.
Personal Learning Experience:
• 17:1 average student-teacher ratio
• Academic Clubs
• Academic support team
• Cross-curriculum education between art, religion, science, and math
• Experiential learning 
• Interactive Learning and Tutoring
• Walsh University Partnership

We offer small class sizes and most of our classes have a main teacher and an intern or student teacher to help offer more one-on-one educational opportunities.

Our Lady of Peace has a heavy emphasis on reading and math. We believe both are the cornerstone of education. We have strong Title Programs and have great success helping our students achieve at their grade level or above.
In addition to education, we believe our role is to help our students in mind, body, and spirit.

Mind: Academic Excellence: Small Class Sizes, Hands-On Learning, 1:1 Technology, Reading & Math Specialists, Enrichment Opportunities in Athletics, Music, Performance, Arts, STEM, and much more 

Body: Students are provided with breakfast and lunch each day. We are a "Lab School" which allows us to offer occupational, physical therapy, and nursing services. Students also have access to Title Tutors, Intervention Specialists, and Counseling Services.

Spirit: As a Catholic school, we focus on instilling core Christian values and sharing a love of Christ. Students pray daily, attend Mass, take religion courses, and are encouraged to recognize Christ in all aspects of their lives.
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