Policies and Procedures

Typical School Day:
9:05 am - Doors Open
Breakfast Provided for All Students
9:20 am -  Tardy Bell
Lunch is Provided for All Students
4:15 pm - School Day Ends - Car Riders and Bus Dismissal
4:15-5:30/6:00 pm – After School Enrichment and Sports  Opportunities

NEW Dress Codes for 2023-2024

  • The dress code unifies the school family. It also promotes an environment conducive to learning and respectful behavior.
  • We moved to a simplified dress code for the 2023-2024 school year which should be easier and less expensive for parents.
  • Students may continue following the current dress code for the remainder f the school year or begin following the new dress code now.
Dress Code:
  • The same uniform will be worn everyday, Monday through Friday.
    • Navy or Khaki dress pants (no jeans, leggings, or athletic shorts or pants). Shorts may be worn until October 1st and after April 1st.
    • Girls in Grade K-3 may wear a plaid jumper with shorts underneath or navy or white tights. No jumpers or skirts in 4th or 5th grade.
    • Powder blue, navy blue, or white short or long sleeve polo shirt. Undershirts may also be powder blue, navy blue, or white.
    • OLOP jacket, OLOP pullover sweatshirt, or a plain navy or white sweater my be worn over the uniform. 
    • Sweatshirts with hoods or logos may NOT be worn during school.
    • Gym pants, gym shorts and gym shirts will no longer be worn.
  • Other guidelines
    • No coats, jackets, or hoodies during school hours.
    • No bracelets and no artificial nails
    • No sandals, Crocs, light up, or roller shoes
    • Students should either wear sneakers or have them to put on for gym class. Expensive shoes that students are worried about getting ruined should not be worn to school.
  • OLOP jackets, OLOP pullovers sweatshirts, and regular uniform items are purchased through The Uniform Guy (330)-605-9204.
  • Regular uniform items may also be purchased at any store (Walmart, Kohls, Target, etc.)
  • Contact the office if you need financial assistance for uniforms.
Children should dress appropriately for weather conditions including boots or change of shoes for snowy days. Hats and gloves are to be worn for cold weather because children will go outside for recess in cold conditions. Some days, considering temperature and wind chill factors, students will be outside for shorter periods to provide a fresh air break.

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