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St. Louis Elementary School, for children Pre-K through grade eight, is a diocesan Roman Catholic school operated by the Stark County Catholic School System, supported by all Stark County parishes.  St. Louis School has served the Louisville, East Canton and surrounding communities for more than 160 years.  The mission of St. Louis School is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through excellence in education and value-oriented learning.  St. Louis School will teach the foundations of Catholic doctrine while developing a sense of family and community and welcoming students from all diverse backgrounds and faiths.  St. Louis provides an atmosphere for spiritual growth through prayer and worship with a focus on non-violence, justice and service to others.  St. Louis School has a 21st Century academic program providing a foundation of excellence by nurturing the whole child intellectually, physically, spiritually and emotionally. 

St. Louis offers a Personalized Learning Experience. During the enrollment process families will meet with the principal and teachers for a friendly interview. The interview is designed to determine every child’s interests, learning modes, talents, and challenge areas. Armed with this information, a personalized learning plan is developed: engaging each student through specific interests, introducing him or her to new ideas: customizing the learning experience.  St. Louis School utilizes a blended learning model, combining technology-based learning with small group teacher instruction to challenge children, thus helping him/her achieve at maximum levels.  In this way, classrooms are filled with children engaged in learning at their personal levels through traditional, hands-on, and exploratory modes. This initiative empowers families to steer their children’s education in a way never realized before; every child will have their own individual, learning plan constructed with input from the child themselves, their parents/guardians, and multiple educators at the school!   


The philosophy of St. Louis is based upon the belief that the child's school and family should work together in the process of education. The faculty and staff provide a school environment in which the beliefs of the Catholic beliefs and Catholic Values are taught and practiced. This foundation provides students the strength they need to develop to their full potential and to become responsible, productive adults.


St. Louis was erected around 1852 on the west side of Chapel Street and was the first parochial school in Louisville. Some of the first teachers of the school were Peter Boviter, Joseph Demulin, and Hannah Moffit, and they have guided the footsteps of some of the great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers of present-day parishioners. The Sisters of the Humility of Mary came from France to America in 1864 to teach the children of French immigrants in Louisville. The teachers at St. Louis School are fully certified by the State of Ohio Department of Education as well as having certification in Religious Education if they are teaching Religion. The combined faculty has many years of teaching experience and these dedicated teachers ensure that the school has an atmosphere of professional excellence permeated with love, patience and mutual respect. St. Louis Elementary school is a diocesan Roman Catholic school operated by the St. Louis Parish Community. As educators, working in partnership with the parish of St. Louis, the parents of our students and other professionals, we endeavor to prepare students to be followers of Jesus Christ and responsible productive citizens.
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