Stark County Catholic Schools Athletics

60% of our students play more than one sport
55+ athletic teams 
22 State Championships
Stark County has many fine athletes, and many got their start at a Stark County Catholic School. With 12 campuses across the county, students in a Stark Catholic high school or elementary school have many opportunities to excel at the highest athletic level. Our full athletic program begins in kindergarten and goes through 12th grade, allowing athletes to compete at local, district and state levels, regardless of age. At the elementary level, we are committed to giving every child playing time. Kindergarten-12th grade athletes receive personal attention and opportunities for character development while enhancing the skill development needed to excel. Athletes at Stark County Catholic Schools play in a compassionate, faith-centered environment that encourages the best in sportsmanship, allowing them to learn lessons that last a lifetime. Christian values are integrated in each of our athletic experiences, and they help fulfill our mission to develop faith, excellence, leadership, and commitment in our students.

Athletic Opportunities: 

Baseball (9th-12th)

Bowling (9th-12th)

Basketball (1st-12th)

Cheerleading (K-12th)

Cross Country (9th-12th)

Flag Football (1st-4th) 

Football (9th-12th)

Golf (5th-12th)

Gymnastics (9th-12th)

Lacrosse (1st-12th)

Soccer (9th-12th)

Softball (9th-12th)

Swimming/Diving (9th-12th)

Tackle Football (5th-8th) 

Tennis (3rd-12th)

Track (3rd-12th)

Volleyball (3rd-12th)

Wrestling (6th-12th)


Stark County Catholic High School students build leadership and commitment skills by coaching elementary school students and leading many of our athletic camps, as well as by serving as referees at elementary athletic events.  

For more information or to register for a team, visit our elementary athletic website: Stark County Catholic Schools Athletics. 

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