Visual Arts

We offer students an array of art opportunities to meet any interest and skill level. It is our goal to use art to encourage a sense of appreciation in our students that last long past graduation. Students with a serious interest in art will find a multitude of opportunities that let them develop their talents for successful futures. 

Art in the Classroom
At a time that arts have faced cuts in many schools, we have invested in our art programs. Each of our school’s employee art teachers who are imaginative, talented, and more importantly, skilled at finding the artist in each student. At the elementary level, every student enjoys a weekly art class but art is also interwoven in each class to complement the curriculum. In high school, students are required to take at least one art class of their choosing from 11 different art class options. 

Specialty Arts Programs in the School
 Art education has been proven to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills and is an outlet for creativity. Given our value of the arts, we offer students a number of special art opportunities. 

Unique Art in the Classroom
Our elementary schools have a partnership with ArtsinStark, which allows our preschool teachers to train on ways to integrate unique art into their classrooms. 

Experiential Learning: Art and Science Class Come Together
Grant funding and ArtsinStark provides for a local artist to visit each of our elementary schools, collaborating with classroom teachers, to explore a series of lessons about animals, habitats, the food chain, fossils, and extinction. 

Art Integrated into the Classroom
Each of our schools has welcomed ArtsinStark Teaching Artists to complete 21st Century Learning Initiatives. The Teaching Artists coordinate with a homeroom teacher each year to explore learning opportunities by integrating visual and drama art forms into classroom lessons.  

Art at the High School Level
Each of our high schools offers 11 art classes which include courses that involve painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital art, graphic design, art appreciation, and even a College Credit Plus Art History Class. 

Art Opportunities Outside of School
For students with a passion for art, we offer a number of extra-curricular art opportunities. 
Art & STEM Symposium
Each year, our elementary schools and high schools come together for an art and design showcase in the galleries of the Canton Museum of Art. This event gathers over 600 people to view student artwork, science projects, and theater/musical performances from students in Stark County Catholic Schools.

Art Showcases
Many of our schools offer the possibility for students to have their work appreciated by an audience at art galleries around Stark County, in local businesses, on online art showcases, and at art shows around the state. 

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