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January Teachers of the Month

Congratulations to our January Teachers of the Month, and to those who have been recognized by The Canton Repository!

Central Catholic High School: Mary Ann Morrison, Social Studies Dept. Chair

Mary Ann Morrison has taught at Central Catholic High School for decades. Some of the courses she teaches have become “must haves” for Crusaders, not because they’re required but because students look forward to taking them, as stories abound about her Government classes, Criminal Justice class, Relationships course, and her Career Exploration course! She is also responsible for countless generations of engaged Crusaders; her encouragement of them to be civically engaged, to vote, volunteer, and pay attention to word events is certainly one of the reasons Central Catholic graduates have a reputation for staying involved and committed to their local community well past graduation. Mrs. Morrison has been instrumental in creating the unique learning environment found at CCHS. 

St. Thomas Aquinas High School and Middle School: Jodi Stroia, English

Jodi Stroia teaches English at St. Thomas Aquinas High School and Middle School. She also takes on a number of additional responsibilities, such as serving as yearbook advisor which means she knows most of the student body, despite working with so many students, she knows each one and often knows much about each one, having gotten to know them. She also leads the STA student news broadcasts which means she helps students become strong and confident speakers, as well as teaching them presentation skills which will be invaluable for any future plans. Mrs. Stroia is making a positive impact on students today and tomorrow.

St. Barbara Catholic School: Ashley Cross, Kindergarten

Ashley Cross is a kindergarten teacher at St. Barbara Catholic Elementary School. Walking into her room is like walking into a wonderland of learning. Instead of just giving students sight words she also creates hand motions and movements to help students remember the words. She also uses whole brain teaching practices which are very interactive and fun for the students. Miss. Cross has been a teacher at St. Barbara School for 12 years. 


St. Mary Catholic School: Christian Campbell, Middle School Teacher

Christian Campbell has been teaching middle school at St. Mary Catholic Elementary School for many years, but he was a part of the community long before getting his teaching position as he is a graduate of the school himself! His enthusiasm for the Bears is tangible; he has an engaging teaching style and volunteers extra time to work with students as an athletic coach. Mr. Campbell is a good example of what it means to be part of a Catholic school community! 

St. Peter Catholic School: Chris Rood, Fourth Grade

Ms. Rood has been teaching in the Diocese of Youngstown for decades, impacting students for generations, by taking a personal interest in them and finding ways to make them feel special. Her most recent post has been at St. Peter Catholic Elementary School, where she is well known for bringing out smiles with her humor or engaging teaching styles, such as bringing Hissing Cockroaches in for students to study!? She is a veteran teacher who is dedicated to Catholic education. 

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