Service Projects

Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of service projects throughout the year. Jesus’ life focused on serving others. Using His example, we find numerous ways to help those in need. Students also learn our Catholic beliefs concerning these matters based on biblical teaching, and ways they can incorporate these teachings into their everyday lives.

St. Joan of Arc Student Service Projects

  • SJA Food Cupboard's October Soup Drive
  • Making placemats for the local nursing homes
  • Celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism by making cards for recently baptized children in the parish
  • Reaching out to those attending 8:15 Mass at SJA and inviting them to visit the classrooms after mass and throughout the rest of the school year
  • Collecting and donating cat & dog food, litter, and paper towels for Stark County Humane Society
  • Creating prayer cards for the nursing home
  • Collect and donate money to the Heiffer International Project
  • Collecting empty prescription bottles to be sent to the Malawi Project
  • Donate to the hungry by collecting grocery coupons for the local food cupboard
  • Visit the House of Loreto and Southgate weekly
  • Visit the Hanover House.
service work “Service learning allows our students to focus on serving God by serving others. They learn interdependence and commitment to others while being challenged to think critically for real-life problem solving.”
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