The Value of Catholic Education

Why do people choose Catholic Schools? In addition to being rooted in Catholic morals and tradition, students are together in faith, excellence and service. Stark County Catholic Schools keep faith at the center of everything they do, all while providing excellent education and programming in a close family atmosphere. 
  • $2.5 million in scholarships and grants are given out every year
  • 29 different programs to help make tuition affordable
  • We accept State of Ohio EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion Scholarships
  • We offer the most affordable tuition rates in the State of Ohio for a private education
  • Faith and Service:
  • Every day begins with prayer and students pray throughout the school day
  • Regular worship services
  • All students participate in service
  • Service includes learning activities and action steps
Academic Excellence:
  • Solid foundations are set from preschool through eighth grade in our elementary schools, which results in high school test scores well above state and national averages
  • 99% of our students move on to college
  • 100% graduation rates
  • Stark County Catholic School High School average ACT composite scores of 24.5 and 24.6 beat the state average of 22.0
  • Programs that exemplify the preschool through grade 12 experience found in a system of 13 unique schools who work together
  • Low student-teacher ratio
Small Class Sizes:
  • 17:1 student to teacher ratio at Stark County Catholic Elementary Schools
  • 11:1 student to teacher ratio at Stark County Catholic High Schools
  • Each student and their family is well known by faculty and staff
  • Personalized attention
Athletics, Arts and Student Organizations:
  • 55+ athletic sports offered from elementary to high school with some sports offered as young as first grade
  • As a faith-based institution, each of our sporting events are rooted in Catholic morals and values
  • Stark County Catholic High Schools have won 22 State Championships
  • 60% of students play more than one sport
  • Offering full theatre programs, at both the elementary and high school level
  • An annual Art and Design Symposium highlights the outstanding talent of students from every grade level
  • 10+ music, performing and visual art opportunities for elementary students: 4 theater programs, band, show choir, SmArts, Art in the Classroom, Genius programs
  • Stark County Catholic High Schools offer nearly 60 clubs and student organizations
  • More than 30 sponsored elementary school programs and partnerships
  • Over a dozen summer camps and events offered to elementary students
Close-knit Community:
  • A safe and disciplined environment where students feel secure to focus on their studies, practice their faith, and develop the tools necessary for future success
  • Partner nights and teen socials hosted, by the high schools, bring together students across the system for a fun, safe social experience
  • A family atmosphere that celebrates the unique God-given abilities and talents of every student
Students performing a baptism on doll
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