What is WINGS?

WINGS is our vision. Giving children wings to fly is our guiding purpose. As a Catholic school, God and faith are important to us. So are the guiding principles of world-class education, like data-driven decision making and embracing best industry practices.

W: World Knowledge

Students with globe We are fortunate at St. James because our students have the latest technology in their hands. Every student has a Chromebook and every classroom has a Smartboard. With our new multi-age learning model, students use these tools every day to expand their knowledge and skills. By thinking globally and acting locally, they see the impact they can have on their community and the world. Service learning is a huge part of making connections and seeing the big picture. Collaborating on projects that better the surrounding communities offers opportunities for personal and academic growth and fits with our Christian mission.

I: Individualized Education

bryce at smart board St. James is a multi-age, continuous progress school which utilizes a “Student Centered” model focused on student needs, abilities, interests, and learning styles with the teacher as facilitator. This classroom model involves students as full partners in the learning experience.

Not every child learns at the same pace or is reached in the same way. It is important to reach every child where they are and engage them in active learning. By using assessments, teachers develop individualized learning paths for each child. Classrooms are arranged with a variety of learning centers with activities designed around major themes or units. Students move around the centers throughout the day, working individually, in small groups, and with the teacher while following their individualized learning plans.

N: Nurturing Family Environment

students with teacher The children are grouped in families: PreK and Kindergarten are the Readiness Family; Grades 1, 2, & 3 are the Primary Family; and Grades 4, 5, & 6 are the Intermediate Family. The students and teachers in each family learn and help each other. Every student has an opportunity to be a leader and to be led in our multi-age classrooms. This environment fosters respect, kindness, and empathetic behaviors. It truly is a family atmosphere everywhere in our school.

G: Guidance for making wise choices

Nun with students Our curriculum integrates Gospel values, personal responsibility, and academic content, teaching students not just to be smart, but wise. This wisdom allows our students to respond to the world in a different way: acting with justice, having more courage, and having a heightened work ethic and sense of generosity.

Teachers help students to become independent, responsible learners. Self-control, goal setting and leadership skills are developed through direct instruction. Students learn problem solving strategies for real life application. Gospel values are used to guide students in making wise decisions.

S: Social, emotional, academic, and spiritual growth

Father Joe at mass
For children to succeed, they need:
  • A physical environment that is welcoming and conducive to learning
  • A social environment that promotes communication and interaction
  • An emotional environment that promotes a sense of belonging and self-esteem
  • An academic environment that promotes creativity and self-fulfillment
  • A spiritual environment that provides inner strength and guidance
Our teachers and staff strive to meet the needs of the whole child. According to studies, students who develop social and emotional learning (SEL) skills along with spiritual awareness perform better academically. Leadership, creativity, problem solving, respect, a sense of personal responsibility, adaptability, initiative, time management, communication, and teamwork are essential skills. Development of these skills is integrated into all aspects of learning. Our students learn life skills that prepare them to be successful in their chosen careers.
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