About Us

St. James School is Roman Catholic School operated by the Diocese of Youngstown. We are an academic community where personal growth and knowledge are developed in a Christian setting. St. James prepares students to successfully meet the challenges of today’s society and make a positive contribution to their community. “Giving children WINGS to fly” is truly what makes St. James unique place to learn!
Multi-age By Design
St. James is a multi-age, continuous progress school where the child is at the center of every decision. A multi-age classroom contains children of different ages and a wide range of ability, working together in a cooperative setting.  This classroom model focuses on student needs, abilities, interests, and learning styles, with the teacher as facilitator.  By using assessments, teachers develop individualized learning paths for each child.

Classrooms are arranged with a variety of learning centers with activities designed around major themes or units. Students move around the centers throughout the day, working individually, in small groups, and with the teacher while following their individualized learning plan.
  • Students build positive relationships with classmates and adults.
  • Students work closely with the classroom teacher toward achieving their learning goals.
  • Students implement the problem solving process to meet their own learning goals.
  • Students develop confidence because instruction supports each student at his/her level of readiness.
  • Students learn to communicate, cooperate, collaborate and think critically as they work on small group projects.
  • Students utilize engaging and enriching technology.
  • Students are given opportunities daily to develop leadership skills.
  • Students are encouraged to develop their creativity.
  • Students have the opportunity to” show what they know” in many different ways.
Learning in the multi-age classroom is interesting, motivating and challenging! Students are involved as full partners in the learning experience. Teachers help students to become independent, responsible learners. Students learn problem solving strategies for real life application. Gospel values are used to guide students in making wise decisions. By teaching the whole child, we give each student WINGS to fly!
Teaching Life Skills
We believe it is important to teach the “Whole Child” and understand that a full, enriching educational experience requires commitment to more than just academics. Through our programs and classroom design, students obtain life skills they need to be successful. Leadership, creativity, problem solving, respect and personal responsibility, adaptability, initiative, time management, communication, collaboration, and team work skills are integrated into all aspects of learning.

Developing Leaders One Child at a Time
At St. James School we believe every child is a leader. For this reason, we teach “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Students develop a sense of responsibility for their actions, start with a plan in mind, learn to put first things first, learn to communicate and cooperate with others, and solve conflicts peacefully.

Our Students

We service many students, coming from a variety of school districts in Stark County, Ohio. Primarily, our student population is made up of students from the following school districts/areas:
Brown Local
Carrollton School District
Sandy Valley School District
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