St. James School offers academic excellence and spiritual guidance enabling students to soar into their futures to become responsible citizens and leaders grounded in faith. St. James School is accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association. Accreditation engages schools in an ongoing, comprehensive process of evaluation, accountability, enrichment and improvement, ensuring that our schools achieve and maintain excellence.
Today’s classroom meets tomorrow’s needs
The core curriculum includes religion, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and physical education. Music and art are integrated across the curriculum. In Science, students solve real world problems using the STEM model of problem solving.

Our students have a myriad of resources at their fingertips:
  • Atmosphere of respect, kindness, and discipline’
  • Engaging and enriching technology
  • Families who are involved and invested in their education
  • Gospel values
  • Multi-age by design
  • “Just-right” learning path for every child
  • Personalized, adaptive learning opportunities
  • Close monitoring of student growth
At St. James School, we are committed to technological innovation. Within the classroom experience, technology plays a vital role in student learning. Children are enriched by instruction in computer science. We continue to upgrade our computers and software as equipment and funds become available.
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