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SJA Celebrates Success of "One School, One Book" Program

In a heartwarming initiative aimed at fostering a love for reading and building stronger community ties, we recently wrapped up the "One School, One Book" program. This innovative program saw students, teachers, and families across all grades, from Kindergarten to 8th grade, delving into the same captivating tale: "Appleblossom the Possum."
Throughout the duration of the program, which spanned several weeks, the school community was abuzz with excitement. Each day brought a new chapter of the book, accompanied by a special "guest reader" who brought the story to life for eager listeners. From teachers to parents and other staff members, these guest readers added an extra layer of excitement and mystery to the reading experience.
But the program didn't stop at simply reading the book. Weekly challenges and contests kept students engaged and motivated, while lively house events featuring treats like dirt pudding added a fun and interactive element to the festivities. Even the school itself underwent a magical transformation as decorations inspired by the book adorned its halls, sparking the imagination of all who passed through.
The impact of this "One School, One Book" experience extended far beyond the classroom walls. Families shared heartwarming stories of coming together to read and discuss the book, with even older children eagerly joining in.
As we reflect on the program's success, we express gratitude for the enthusiastic participation of students, families, and staff alike. With "One School, One Book," St. Joan of Arc has not only promoted a culture of reading but also strengthened the bonds that unite our vibrant community.

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