Welcome to SS. Philip and James Preschool

A Christ-centered preschool with both half-day and full-day options.
Our school strives to build on the values and foundations you have already established in your family and to work together to provide an education of academic excellence rooted in the Gospel.  It is our goal to affirm the gift of life, the uniqueness of each person, and to make a difference in this world by how we live our lives together.


Ages 3-5 are accepted in our preschool program. We also offer Transitional Kindergarten for 5 year old children.

The children will also be participating in large group activities.  These will include:
  • Religion: Themes are the child, the five senses, family, friends, creation, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, feelings, Easter, new life, prayer and church.
  • Physical Fitness and Sensory-Motor Training: Activities will include body image, space and direction, balance, moving and eye-hand coordination.  
  • Language Arts: Concepts covered will be identifying sounds, rhyming words, matching like items, colors, opposites classification, sequencing events and alphabet recognition when age appropriate.  
  • Science and Social Studies: These subjects will be centered around themes of holidays, safety, seasons, animals and occupations.
  • Centers for Learning: The students will take part in center-based activities that will allow for differentiated instruction and modes of learning. 
  • Art: Besides the activities at the writing and art center, children will be having daily experiences with cutting, coloring and pasting. 
  • Math: Activities with real objects for counting, grouping, classifying and counting rods, and walk-on number lines and tiles will be used.
  • Music: Music will be used in teaching many concepts, for religious expression and in games and dances.
  • Technology: Students will learn and improve skills in computer usage through educational programs and games.
  • Hot Lunch: The all day students will have the option to enjoy hot lunch.
  • Field Trips such as Walks to Canal Fulton Library.
  • Mentor Program w/ SPJ School Students: Preschool students will have activities such as reading buddies with students from Ss. Philip and James School.
  • Outdoor Play: Students will have the opportunity for outdoor play each day.

Diocesan Preschool Program Philosophy

Statement on Developmentally Appropriate Preschool Curriculum and Activities

Preschool Forms

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