Scrip/Raise Right is a nationally recognized fundraising program. 

SCRIP is a gift certificate or gift card that can be used for your regular shopping at participating stores, restaurants and other merchants. As a result, your family benefits by 1.25% – 18% of the value of the SCRIP purchase. The advantage of SCRIP is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work without spending a single additional penny.

Scrip may be used for everyday expenses like:
  • Groceries
  • Gasoline
  • Clothing
  • Restaurants
  • Household Needs
Scrip is offered by hundreds of local and national retailers—where most of you already shop.
SCRIP order forms are available in the school office. 

How it works:
Raise money by purchasing gift cards at face value
Shop 750+ top brands and immediately earn up to 20% on every gift card you buy.

Use gift cards at full value for your daily purchases
Earnings come from brands, not from your pocket, so gift cards are worth every penny. Raise
money simply by doing everyday things—like grabbing your morning coffee or ordering dinner
for the family.

Rebates build-up in your Scrip account
All rebates earned through Scrip from June 1 - May 31 each year will be applied to the following
year tuition at 100%. This applies to tuition toward Saints Philip and James or to Central
Catholic. If you do not have tuition at either location, you can accept cash back at 70% of the
rebate. It is to be used toward Educational expenses.

How to get started:
Create an account on the RaiseRight app or at using our organization’s
enrollment code: L62623BD3379

Check out and receive eGift cards faster by securely paying online with a credit card (2.6% fee
does apply). Physical gift cards will be ordered through the school twice monthly and sent home
with your child or be ready for pick-up (please download SCRIP dates document).

Have questions? Contact:
Michelle DuPlain
SS. Philip and James Scrip Coordinator
[email protected]


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