Raise Right

Women with groceries
Raise Right is a tuition savings program of which every family can take advantage. Raise Right is offered on a weekly basis, available every Monday.  Yearly registration is $25.00 and covers the cost of postage and handling.  Take advantage of using Raise Right to significantly lower your tuition.  You keep all of your earnings to apply toward tuition at St. Paul’s.  Sign up Grandma, Grandpa, relatives and neighbors.  Have them designate their earnings toward your tuition bills.  Please go to https://www.raiseright.com/ or call the school office for more information.

 A few quick notes about the Raise Right Program

o   You can still use the same login you always have if you have an account

o   If you wish to sign up here is the enrollment code: EC5D97426L47

o   You can order Ecards all year long.  Our first physical gift card order each year is in late August.

o   All orders must be in by Monday of each week no later than 12 pm. If paying by cash or check payment should be In the office by Tuesday.  Gift cards are distributed on Fridays.

Raise Right may be used for everyday expenses like:
  • Groceries
  • Gasoline
  • Clothing
  • Restaurants
  • Household Needs

To contact our Raise Right Coordinator, please reach out to the school office at 330.494.0223.
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