St. Paul Latchkey is an after-school program for St. Paul school students from preschool through eighth grade.
The Latchkey daily schedule begins as school ends at 2:35 p.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. daily.  There are multiple classrooms divided age appropriately with consistent latchkey teachers who help on a weekly basis with homework and who create fun days that are planned throughout the month. A monthly calendar is available for daily activities, snacks, and planned field trips. A typical Latchkey day includes snack, gym or outside playtime, homework time, computer time, and games or crafts to complete the day.
Regular school rules and policies are followed during the Latchkey hours.
Commonly Asked Questions:

1. Does my child(ren) need to be registered to attend?

Yes, whether you choose to send your child(ren) on a "Drop In" basis for emergencies or full time, you must register your child(ren) at least 24 hours before your child(ren) attends. If you think you might use Latchkey sometime throughout the year, then please register at the beginning of the school year to be prepared. School closes at 3:00 p.m. daily, children cannot be left in the office after that time.

2. If my child is registered for "Drop In", what is "Drop In" and how much notice do I need to give for my child to attend?

Your child(ren) can attend at any time you need care once they are registered. Your child will remain on "Drop In" status throughout the school year and you can always change your scheduled Latchkey time as your schedules change.

3. Will my child(ren) complete homework at Latchkey?

Yes, we will provide time and assistance for your child to complete their homework while at Latchkey. Children may work on homework at any time. We do not "make" them work on homework, but we do "suggest" they get it done to have more family fun time at home. Please remember that reviewing homework with your child or reading with them at home is equally important.

4. What is the Daily Rate or Hourly Rate?

There is no Hourly Rate. If your child attends only one day per week the charge is $25 per child. 
For 2-3 days per week, the charge is $45 per child, and for 4-5 days per week the charge is $60 per child.

5. Can my child come to Latchkey after Drama Club, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Choir Practice, Homework Club, etc?

Yes, but they must be registered to be able to attend. It is best to have your child registered at the beginning of the school year to make sure you have somewhere for them to go if you can't be there to pick your child up on time. They come to Latchkey and you would only pay for the time they attend Latchkey. Once your child is registered, a spot remains for them each day school is in session.

6. Can my child attend Latchkey on Snow Days?

No, We are not open if the school is not open. If the school is closed for any reason then Latchkey and the Preschool is closed as well. We suggest trying the YMCA Childcare Center for Snow Days and Holidays.

A Sample Day                                                                
2:35-2:45 Dismissal from School/Attendance
2:35-3:00 Restroom Break
3:00-3:30 Gym/Playground
3:30-3:45 Wash Hands/Prayer/Snack
3:45-4:15 Guided Homework Help
4:15-4:45 Computer Lab
4:45-5:00 Restroom Break
5:00-5:30 Centers/Story Time
5:30-6:00 Free Time
6:00 P.M. Last Pick Up Time

If you have questions or would like to enroll, please contact our Latchkey Director Michele Kennedy at 330-494-0223 ext. 323.
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