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Community Unites in Flavorful Celebration at 2nd Annual "Celebrating our Cultures International Potluck"

The vibrant tapestry of our school community was on full display at the eagerly anticipated 2nd annual "Celebrating our Cultures International Potluck." The event brought together our SPS families from various backgrounds, uniting them in a celebration of culinary diversity, artistic expression, and cultural pride.

The evening unfolded as a feast for the senses, with an array of mouthwatering dishes representing cultures from around the globe. Attendees were treated to a culinary journey that spanned continents, showcasing the richness and variety of flavors that make our community so special.

Not only did the event highlight the culinary talents of our families, but it also featured captivating performances and displays of art from our students. Attendees were treated to traditional dances, musical performances, and visual arts that further enriched the evening. 

The success of the evening can not only be attributed to the enthusiastic participation of our students, but also to our parents and teachers, who contributed their time, culinary skills, and artistic talents. Attendees expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to connect with other families while enjoying an evening of great food and entertainment.

The "Celebrating our Cultures International Potluck" has undoubtedly become a new SPS tradition, reinforcing the sense of unity within our community. Though our differences make us unique, we are one family in Christ.

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