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The Passion Mime- Sunday March 24th at 7pm

For nearly four decades, the Passion Mime has served as a treasured tradition at SS. Philip and James Catholic School, allowing students and alumni to bring the profound story of Christ's final days to life through the captivating art of mime.
This Palm Sunday, March 24th at 7:00 PM, the church will bear witness to a spellbinding performance portraying the triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the sorrowful Crucifixion, and the glorious Resurrection. The troupe of alumni from 2020-2023 will use skillful miming techniques, set to live music, to visually narrate these sacred events in a powerful, reverent way.
The Passion Mime offers a unique opportunity to experience the passion narrative through a respectful, artistic lens. The realistic yet wordless depiction, coupled with the atmosphere of the church, allows for profound contemplation and spiritual connection during the Lenten season.
This venerable tradition has become a rite of passage for generations of students, allowing them to personally interpret and honor the sources of their faith. For the community, it serves as an annual moment to reflect on the sacrifices and struggles of the Christ story.
Mark your calendars for this special event that transcends spoken words through the expressive art of mime. Prepare to be moved by the talents of the performers and the emotional weight of the greatest story ever lived.

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