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Mary Poppins Cast List

Cast (in order of appearance):
Bert:  Luke May (STA)
George Banks:  Josh Grosswiller (STA)
Winifred Banks:  Isabelle Olivieri (CCHS)
Jane Banks:  Lydia Hennessy (St. Paul)
Michael Banks:  August Cramer (St. Paul)
Katie Nana:  Emily Adams (CCHS)
Policeman:  Grady Angerman (CCHS)
Miss Lark:  Olivia Barta (STA)
Admiral Boom:  Colin Nance (STA)
Mrs. Brill:  Abbey Beskitt (STA)
Robertson Ay:  Camryn Oster (STA)
Mary Poppins:  Graceyn Dowd (STA)
Park Keeper:  Juliana Colant (CCHS)
Neleus: Caitlyn Kimbell (CCHS)
Bank Chairman: Vinny Zeren (STA)
Miss Smythe:  Hailey Metzger (STA)
Von Hussler:  Colin Nance (STA)
Northbrook:  Grady Angerman (CCHS)
Bird Woman: Grace Wucinich (STA)
Mrs. Corry:  Alicia Galloway (STA)
Fannie:  Caroline Harold (CCHS)
Annie:  Alyssa Schoolcraft (CCHS)
Valentine:  Abigail Glines (CCHS)
Teddy Bear:  Keyri Soler-Rodriguez (STA)
Mr. Punch:  Dominick Morello (STA)
Doll:  Heidi Kaczynski (STA)
Miss Andrew:  Aja Shriver (STA)

High School Ensemble (Park Strollers, Customers, Kite Flyers, Toys, Sweeps, etc.):
Emily Adams, Grady Angerman, Olivia Barta, Abbey Beskitt, Juliana Colant, Alicia Galloway, Abigail Glines, Sarah Grabowsky, Caroline Harold, Leia Harris, Heidi Kaczynski, Caitlyn Kimbell, Hailey Metzger, Kadence Miller, Dominick Morello, Colin Nance, Camryn Oster, Alyssa Schoolcraft, Brianna Sinclair, Keyri Soler-Rodriguez, Grace Wucinich, Vinny Zeren

Middle School/Elementary Ensemble: 
Conner Belden (St. Michael), Taylor Dimmerling (STA), Karissa Endlich (St. Mary), Andrew Harold (St. Michael), Ava Haupt (St. Paul), Mackenzie Hawkins (STA), Joshua Jacob (St. Michael), Livia Kozub (St. Michael), Ariella Leon (STA), Isabel Lombardi (St. Michael), Sophia Mathie (St. Michael), Ariana Mitchell (STA), Lily Morber (Ss. Philip and James), Ayata Muhammad (STA), Susan Saxton (St. Michael) 
A message from Criseyda Dowd, our Director of the Arts and Spring 2020 Musical Director:
"Thank you to everyone who auditioned for this year's musical, Mary Poppins. We had 60 students audition! We have a wealth of talent in our 
Stark County Catholic Schools which means that our Program of the Arts has a long and healthy future ahead of it.
The high school cast will be informed of a date/time for the first rehearsal (which will be a full read-through) as soon as the librettos/scores arrive (hopefully within the next 2 weeks). Middle school/elementary ensemble can be expected to begin rehearsals in January."  

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