Annual Auction

The Crusaders have a long history of parent involvement. Each year, we host an annual auction, it is our biggest fundraising event of the year, pulling together hundreds of Crusader community members. An amazing group of parents & community members organizes the event.

Central Catholic Auction Chairs 

2024 Auction Chairs
Melissa Lombardi (Class of 2000), Francesca Burgess (Class of 1990), Kara Abbott, Cathie Belden (Class of 1995)

2024 Auction Committee
Valerie Street, Stacey Dentler (Class of 1999), Ashley Belden, Jennifer Johnston

Past Chairs of the Central Catholic Auction
1992  Carol Kosty
1993  Carol Kosty
1994  Carol Kosty
1995  Carol Kosty
1996  Carol Kosty
1997  Mary Lou Ianni
1998  Milan & Kathi Chovan
1999  Kathy Chovan & Pat Rohrig
2000  Susan Sparks
2001  Susan Sparks
2002  Darlene Violent
2003  Susanne Riester, Susan Sparks, Cathy Taylor (Class of 1975)
2004  Susan Sparks
2005  Vanessa Jurkovich (Class of 1973)
2006  Vanessa Jurkovich
2007  Greer Thottam
2008  Tammy Colaner & Kathy Donatelli
2009  Pat Lindesmith
2010  Judi Humphries (Class of 1980)
2011  Anne-Marie Beris (Class of 1984) & Joni Locke (Class of 1979)
2012  Beth Schumacher
2013  Anne Haines (Class of 1988) & Beth Schumacher
2014  Anne-Marie Beris, Beth Schumacher, Claudia Williams
2015  Anne-Marie Beris, Dorothy Dittemore, Claudia Williams
2016 Dorothy Dittemore
2017  Kara Abbott (Class of 1992) & Terri Roth
2018  Kara Abbott & Terri Roth
2019  Kara Abbott & Terri Roth
2020  Kara Abbott
2023  Sandra Doll & Francesca Burgess
Auction Honorees
After a break in our annual auction, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the return of our annual auction brought with it a new feature, honoring members of our community who are outstanding alumni and/or Crusader supporters. 

2024 Auction Honorees
Kathy (Class of 1967) & Bob Belden (Class of 1965)
Recipients of the President's Award for Outstanding Support of Catholic Education

2023 Auction Honorees
Harold Ziegler (Class of 1951)
Recipient of the President's Award for Outstanding Support of Catholic Education

Terri & Ed (Class of 1974) Roth
Recipients of the Exceptional Commitment Award
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