Career Preparation

Career Class
In the Careers class elective, students learn about a variety of career fields, resume-building strategies, interview tips, skill and talent development, and other concepts that allow them to explore potential career fields and learn more about successful tactics when they enter the workforce. 

Speaker Series
A component of the Careers course is a weekly speaker series. Experts in various career fields are asked to do a presentation to the class which explores how the speaker entered the field, the education and skills needed for the field, and their career experience. Speakers are alumni, current staff members, or members of the Crusader family. Speakers have included: 

Police WorkJohn CraneCCHS support staff & coach, retired police officer, CCHS parent
NursingJennifer PaulCCHS school nurse & CCHS parent
Carpentry & WoodworkDavid SchollCCHS English teacher, CCHS parent, has a small business in carpentry
School AdministrationDave OatesCCHS principal
AccountingDave VincenteCCHS math teacher, former accountant
Finance/InsuranceLane KnoreCCHS business teacher, CCHS parent, former financial advisor 
Commodities/StocksJohn WeeksCCHS theology teacher, former commodities trader
Belden Brick CompanyBob BeldenCCHS graduate, CCHS parent
Religious VocationsFr. Don KingCCHS graduate, SCCS president
Preschool Teacher/OwnerJo Ann KuntzCCHS alumni, CCHS parent, business owner
Guidance CounselingJeff LindesmithCCHS Director of Guidance & coach, CCHS parent
NASARon SickerCCHS alumni
DentistryDr. Dan PaulusCCHS alumni
BeauticianJen ZimmermanCCHS alumni, stylist
US MilitaryMark RogersCCHS alumni, US Air Force
Theatre/Arts AdministrationDr. Tricia OstertagCCHS alumni, CCHS development director, former VP of ArtsInStark
Sports TrainingJohn MassarelliCCHS alumni, CCHS parent, former professional baseball player
Veterinarian Services Dr. Heidi WattersCCHS parent
Graphic Design Kelly MassarelliCCHS graphic design & arts teacher, CCHS alumni, CCHS parent
BarberJoe IanniCCHS parent, stylist
Restaurant OwnershipSandy DollCCHS parent
Criminal Justice CareersDr. Angela Smith AlderStark State
Real Estate
Joanna BeldenCCHS parent
Attorney at LawLaura MillsCCHS parent, attorney
City GovernmentMayor Russ SharnskyMayor of Fairlawn
Marketing & AdvertisingKristie CramerCCHS alumni, CCHS parent, CCHS marketing director
County GovernmentFred ScottTuscarawas County Prosecutor
Chiropractic ServicesDr. Emelia BrackenCCHS alumni, chiropractor
RadiologyDr. Michael SoehnlenCCHS alumni, radiologist
AdvertisingMatt NistCCHS alumni, account manager
Lindsay Selle
CCHS alumni

Course Work
We help prepare students for successful careers in a variety of ways. 

On Campus
We believe each department prepares students for successful careers by encouraging accountability, developing critical thinking skills, and instilling discipline. Every class has a public speaking component, requiring students to give oral presentations, to encourage strong communication skills which employers highly desire. We also offer an array of classes that directly prepare students for the career field:

Art Department:
Graphic Design 1 & 2

Business Department: 
Game Design
Artificial Intelligence 
Computer Science 

Social Studies Department:
Career Class

Off Campus
It is also possible for students to explore career and vocation courses outside of the building. 

College Credit Plus allows students to select coursework in potential career fields. Central students often take courses through Stark State, Stark State opens their classes to our students, including courses in various trades and vocations.  

With the assistance of our guidance department, Central students can pursue specialty programs found at our partner schools such as Perry and R.G. Drage. These programs vary based upon student interest and availability.

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