Religious and Character Development

Students with dog Holy Cross Academy is a community of faith where each child is respected and treated as a beloved child of God. Our students are given a solid foundation in Catholic teaching and tradition which in turn provides a distinctive moral vision for the world. The substance and quality of religious education and the daily formation provide an environment that bridges religion and spirituality. Curiosity is encouraged, so that our students can learn to see the world through the eyes of God and see each other through the eyes of God. 

Prayer is integrated throughout the daily student life. Generally students attend and plan weekly or bi-weekly Masses. These liturgical experiences teach our students to be confident and courageous by engaging them as active participants in the Mass, and sharing and developing their particular talents as readers, servers or musicians; some as early as kindergarten. It is said that "the way we pray is the way we believe," or we could say "the way we pray shapes the way we live our beliefs" our students are formed through the core liturgical experiences within our schools. Our families are also welcomed and encouraged to participate with the school community celebration of Mass.  

While students can learn about the heroes of history in our classrooms, our distinctive religious identity allows us to also teach our children about the Community of Saints, the heroes of our Catholic faith. The heroes of faith serve to teach our students the lived experience of our Catholic tradition throughout history, allowing the saints to become formative models in the practice of virtue and the call to holiness.

Service projects allow our students to focus on the interrelationship of loving God and loving our neighbor, by serving others in our surrounding community. Our young people begin to understand the meaning of community life, interdependence and commitment, and service for others while being challenged to think critically for real-life problem solving. Learning the language of faith and its application within a variety of service learning experiences expands the meaning and relevance of Christian living for our students.
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