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In 1952, under the leadership of Reverend Ferdinand Hartmann, the first mass of St. Michaels took place on July 6th. The mass was held in the auditorium of Avondale School with 250 in attendance. In order to assist with funding of the parish, clubs were formed by men and women. At this time babysitting clubs were also formed so that men and women could attend the meetings of the various clubs. This cooperative spirit has continued to be a part of the parish today. The parish was able to purchase a rectory in late 1952, and this housed the pastor as well as served as a gathering for weekday masses. The equipment for this was all donated, and the parish began to grow. The goal of the Fr. Hartmann was to make St. Michaels the home of "friendly people." Although the church was the main priority, members of St. Michaels were even more eager to provide a Catholic education for for their children. The first campaign dinner for this construction was launched in 1953, and within in 10 days $130,000 was raised for the cause. The school was officially established on November 23, 1953, with the arrival of the four sisters of Notre Dame to help prepare with the opening. The first communion class of 1954 consisted of 22 students, and 6 students graduated that same year. The first outside activities were also created in 1954, and these included Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Club Scout troops, as well as San Michel Club for teenagers and a Garden Club for women. The parish has since grown in both size and population, and has recently celebrated it's 60th anniversary in 2012. It has grown to accomodate 2,300 families with over 900 families in the grade school and the school of religion.

Our Students

We service many students, coming from a variety of school districts in Stark County, Ohio. Primarily, our student population is made up of students from the following school districts/areas:
Canton City Schools
Canton Local Schools
Jackson Local Schools
Louisville City Schools
Massillon City Schools
North Canton City Schools
Perry Local Schools
Plain Local Schools
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