Athletic Department - Bob Belden and Mike Bogdan [email protected]

Values for coaches to remember
CHEERLEADING  - St.Michael Teams
3rd-4th grade cheerleading has been cancelled due to COVID 
  5th-6thIn need of a coach

 7th/8th Carla D'Antonio

CROSS COUNTRY - Stark County Catholic Elementary Schools Team
FLAG FOOTBALL - St.Michael Teams 
 1st/2ndChris Hunt[email protected]

 Sean Renner
  Darren Bracken 
  Matt Hunt 
 Justin Ziegler 
  3rd/4th Sam Ranalli [email protected]
  Michael Slaski 
  Drew Axline 
 5th/6th In Need of a Coach [email protected]

TACKLE FOOTBALL  - Western Crusaders Teams
 5th/6th Jason Manson  [email protected]
  Sean Furbee [email protected]
  Bill Nolan [email protected]
  Dustin Rohr 
  Joe Sciaretti
 7th/8th Joe Bajornas[email protected]
  Christian Campbell [email protected]
  Rick Salvino [email protected]
  Lou Darrow[email protected]
  Steve Noggle   [email protected]
  Steve Abbott [email protected]
  Mark Peterson [email protected]
  Mark Stangl [email protected]
GOLF  - St.Michael Teams
 5th-8th Tim Staub[email protected]
   Remind: @mrbobbel to 81010

VOLLEYBALL  - St.Michael Teams
 3rd/4thChrissy Foraker [email protected]
   Remind: @3rd4thsm to 81010
  5th/6th  Matt White [email protected]

Tamara Smith [email protected]
 7th Cassie Nist [email protected]

Rob Degrell

 8th Angela Baumgartner [email protected]
 Traci Dierdorf  
 [email protected]


1/2 Boys  Matt Hunt 
  Chris Hunt
[email protected]
  Joe Daverio
  Teresa Bracken
 1/2-Girls  Sam Ranalli  [email protected] 
  Drew Axline

Megan Staub

 3/4-GirlsJoe Buckler
[email protected]
  Scott Hehr  [email protected]

Ryan Montgomery
[email protected]
 3/4 BoysSam Ranalli
[email protected]
  Kevin Clugston
 Matt Sands
 [email protected] 
  Drew Axline
 [email protected]

Michael Slaski

 5/6 Boys Mike Bogdan
[email protected]
 Drew Axline
 5/6 Girls Natalie Weingart
 [email protected]
  Tim Trbovich [email protected] 
  Kevin Finefrock
[email protected]
 7th Boys Eric Milavickas
[email protected]
  Joe Sciarretti 
 7th GirlsJoe Buckler
[email protected]
  Joe Marshall
8th Boys
Kevin Finefrock
[email protected]
 8th Girls
No Team

WRESTLING - Stark County Catholic Elementary Schools Teams
 K-8th Kevin Owens (CCHS Coach) 330-327-9359  [email protected]

LACROSSE - Stark County Catholic Elementary Schools Teams
 3rd-6th Marty Mikulas 330-418-9531 [email protected]
 7th-8th Matt Sands [email protected]
   Remind: @mattsands to 81010

TENNIS - Stark County Catholic Elementary Schools Teams
3rd-8th  Jim Thomas  [email protected]

TRACK  - St.Michael Teams
 3rd/6th Ashley Wright[email protected]
    Stephanie Lepley 330-936-5415 [email protected]
  Todd Lepley   [email protected]
Remind: @viking3-6 to 81010
 7th/8th Julie Neal[email protected]

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