School Closure
St. Michael will be closed starting Monday, March 16 through Sunday, May 3. At this time, we plan for classes to resume Monday, May 4. We have plans for online learning, please continue to be on the lookout for communications from our staff.
Please join us in prayer for all those affected by the Coronavirus. We will continue to keep our students, staff, SMS family, the community-at-large, our state, and our nation in our prayers. We hope these steps will help us flatten the curve of the number of people impacted by COVID-19. Stay healthy and safe!  


Athletic Department - Bob Belden and Mike Bogdan [email protected]

Values for coaches to remember
CHEERLEADING  - St.Michael Teams
 3rd-6thTobie Boyle [email protected]
  Carla D'Antonio
 7th/8th Amy Goehring [email protected] 
 Angela Baumgartner [email protected]
CROSS COUNTRY - Stark County Catholic Elementary Schools Team
FLAG FOOTBALL - St.Michael Teams
 1st/2nd Sam Ranalli [email protected]
 Kevin Clugston
  Chris McAfee [email protected]
  Matt Hunt 
  Michael Slaski 
  3rd/4th Bill Nolan [email protected]
  Charles Beverly [email protected]
  Drew Axline 

FOOTBALL  - Western Crusaders Teams
 5th/6th No team in 2019 
  [email protected]
 7th/8th Mike Jones [email protected]
  Matt Fox [email protected]
  Rick Salvino  [email protected]
  Lou Darrow[email protected]
   Steve Noggle   [email protected]
GOLF  - St.Michael Teams
 5th-8th Bob Belden [email protected]
   Remind: @mrbobbel to 81010

VOLLEYBALL  - St.Michael Teams
 3rd/4thChrissy Foraker [email protected]
  Ashley Wright [email protected]
  Kya French [email protected]
   Remind: @3rd4thsm to 81010
 5th/6th Matt White [email protected]
  Tamara Smith[email protected]
  Cassie Nist [email protected]
 7th/8th Angela Baumgartner [email protected]
  Stacie Crane [email protected]

1/2 Boys  Matt Sands [email protected]
  Mark Schoolcraft [email protected]
  Drew Axline [email protected]
  Robert Street [email protected]
 1/2-Girls Joe Buckler[email protected] 
  Scott Hehr
 3/4-Girls Natalie Weingart [email protected]
 3/4 Boys Tony Harley [email protected]
  Mike Bogdan [email protected]
 5th GirlsTim Trbovich  [email protected]
 5th Boys 
 6th BoysTodd Lepley 
 6th Girls  Joe Buckler [email protected]
  Steve Bossart [email protected]
 7th Boys Kevin Finefrock[email protected]
  Rod Stalneker[email protected]
 7/8 GirlsInsufficient participants for a team
 8th Boys Angela Perkins [email protected]
  Eric Milavickas [email protected] 

WRESTLING - Stark County Catholic Elementary Schools Teams
 K-8th Kevin Owens (CCHS Coach) 330-327-9359  [email protected]

LACROSSE - Stark County Catholic Elementary Schools Teams
 3rd-6th Marty Mikulas 330-418-9531 [email protected]
 7th-8th Matt Sands [email protected]
   Remind: @mattsands to 81010

TENNIS - Stark County Catholic Elementary Schools Teams
3rd-8th  Jim Thomas  [email protected]

TRACK  - St.Michael Teams
 3rd/6th Ashley Wright [email protected]
  Stephanie Lepley 330-936-5415 [email protected]
  Todd Lepley   [email protected]
  Remind: @viking3-6 to 81010
 7th/8th Julie Neal[email protected]

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