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Seussical the Musical Jr. March 7 & 8th!

Come one, come all - the big and the small! 

To St. Mike's Seussical - oh what a ball! 

On March the seventh and eighth - now don't be late! 

Doors open at five, and we just can't wait!

Show starts at six thirty, under the light,

Just five dollars a ticket - now that sounds alright!

Costumes and sets all colored so bright,

kids worked so hard, both day and night! 

Songs and scenes are the best in the land, 

and our talented kids - oh how grand!

So join the fun without further ado! 

This show's meant for me, this show’s meant for you! 

Make plans! Make plans! We hope you'll attend.
Here we go, Saint Mike's - the fun never ends!

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