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Marketing Class conducts market research

Crusaders in the Classroom! Mr. Knore's Marketing Class learned about market research, data collection, and survey implementation in a unique, hands-on way. They conducted a survey of the Crusader community. 

Students, staff, and followers of Central Catholic were invited to participate in two rounds of polling to vote for their favorite candy. Marketing students crafted two digital polls, created graphics, wrote catchy advertisement pieces for social media accounts and morning announcements, and analyzed survey data. 

They released their final results earlier this week.
1. Reeses
2. Sour Patch Kids
3. Kit Kat
4. Twix
5. M&M's
6. Snickers
7. Gummy Bears/Worms
8. Skittles
9. Hersheys
10. Jolly Ranchers

Members of the class wish to thank everyone who voted! It was a learning and fun rolled into one!

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