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CCHS & STA Thespians soar with spooktacular "The Addams Family Musical"

The Stark County Catholic High Schools Arts Program brought a hauntingly hilarious production of "The Addams Family Musical" to the historic Canton Palace Theatre this past weekend. A talented cast of students from Central Catholic and St. Thomas Aquinas High Schools captivated audiences with their macabre charm, under the leadership of director and CCHS grad Criseyda Dowd, and choreographer and STA grad Graceyn Dowd.

This full-scale musical comedy followed the iconic Addams family as their beloved daughter, Wednesday, introduced her “normal” boyfriend and his parents to the eccentric Addams clan. The production showcased the dedication and talent of the student performers, who brought the kooky characters to life with impressive vocals, energetic dance numbers, and spot-on comedic timing.

"I am incredibly proud of the hard work our students poured into this production," said Mrs. Criseyda Dowd, Director of the Stark County Catholic Schools Arts Program. "Their commitment to learning new skills and honing their talent truly shined on stage, and the audience response was phenomenal."

The production also highlighted the collaborative spirit of the Arts Program. Students and their families from both high schools contributed to many aspects of the show, both on and off-stage. This collaboration fostered a strong sense of community and allowed students to showcase their diverse talents.

The success of "The Addams Family Musical" underscores the commitment of the Stark County Catholic Schools Arts Program to providing students with exceptional opportunities for artistic expression. The program fosters creativity, teamwork, and self-confidence, while offering a platform for students to showcase their talents to the broader community.

The Stark County Catholic Schools Arts Program offers a comprehensive and enriching curriculum for students in visual and performing arts. The program provides opportunities for students to explore their creativity, develop their skills, and collaborate with their peers. Through participation in theatrical productions, musical ensembles, and visual art exhibitions, students gain valuable experience and confidence that extends far beyond the stage.

To enjoy our video recap of last week's performance, please click the image above. 

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