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Advent Celebration: Examination of Conscience

One of those reasons Central Catholic offers a unique experience is our focus on encouraging students along their spiritual journey. During the year, Advent especially, students have the opportunity to go to confession or speak with a spiritual leader. Recently, the entire school paused during the day to encourage students and staff to examine their conscience, and talk about what is troubling their hearts, about who they are, and the changes they would like to make in their lives. This Examination of Conscience was read to the entire school and time was allocated for each person’s reflection. They were asked…

About their relationship toward God:

How do I pray?
How do I attend Mass?
How do I use God’s name?
How do I treat all of God’s creation?

About their relationship towards other people:

How do I treat my family?
How do I treat other people’s sexuality?
How do I treat my teachers?
How do I treat people that I don’t know?
How do I treat my friends?

As we prepare our hearts during this season of Advent, these are good questions for each of us to ask of ourselves.

Central Catholic offers a Tradition of Excellence, a Tradition of encouraging strong, moral leaders. It's a place where #FaithMakesADifference.

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