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SCESA name Harold Ziegler Jr. as Alumnus of the Year

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Jackson Township resident Harold Ziegler, Jr., of Ziegler Tire, has been selected as the 2019 Stark Catholic Elementary Schools’ Alumni of the Year honoree. He was selected as this year’s award winner for a number of reasons including his dedication and support for Catholic education.

Ziegler was honored with the award at the Second Annual Alumni Breakfast hosted by Stark Catholic Elementary School Alumni (SCESA) at St. Michael Church on March 5 to a packed house.

Vice President of Stark County Catholic Elementary Schools, Jackie Zufall, said that Ziegler was selected by the committee for the award because, “He is faith and Catholic education oriented, plus he has supported our schools through donations and in many other ways.”

Sally Marrell and Suzanne Herdlicka were co-chairs of the event. The SCESA Committee published a statement that Ziegler was selected because of his, “love and devotion to the Catholic schools in Stark County. Ziegler inspires all who know him to honor their faith and to work diligently to keep Stark County’s Catholic schools strong and vibrant well into the future.”

Ziegler attended St. Peter Catholic Elementary School and is a Canton Central Catholic High School graduate. After attending John Carroll University, he went on to serve 30 years in the U.S. Army where he was Commander of the 350th Evacuation Hospital and retired as a Colonel.

He is presently a member of the NAPA Institute and Legatus; both National Catholic organizations, and he is a past member of the Walsh University Board of Advisors and the Central Catholic Board of Directors. In addition, Ziegler is a member of St. Peter Catholic Church in Canton.

Ziegler was presented this year’s award by the 2018 Alumna of the Year honoree, Renee Powell, member of the LPGA and PGA Hall of Fame. The morning was filled was filled with speakers including Dana Scallon, a Catholic singer and composer who shared stories about Ziegler and Catholic education.

In addition to family and friends, David Henrie, an actor who has been in TV shows and movies, most notably on the “Wizards of Waverly Place” on the Disney Channel, also came to the event. Henrie and his father are producing a film called “Mary the Movie” and Ziegler is an investor in that film. The Henrie’s came to visit him at the Alumni Breakfast to thank him for his involvement in the film and congratulate him on the award.

“I’m overwhelmed by all the people here and honored to receive this award and to get it from Renee,” Ziegler said, “I wish my parents were here today because they had something to do with it. I also had a good big brother growing up which is important and helped a lot.”

After his short speech, he was given his second standing ovation of the morning. The first came during Scallon’s presentation where she praised Ziegler for being a “spiritual entrepreneur” and for his dedication to duty, church, his company and to the wellbeing of others, his loyalty to others, for being humble and for his “deep religious beliefs.”

The SCESA represents all 21 Catholic parishes in Stark County (including those that formerly had schools). SCESA’s mission is to, ”...reconnect Alumni and empower them to promote and support the value of Catholic Education."

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