Graduation Requirements

Twenty-six academic credits in the following areas are required for graduation for students graduating in 2013 and after. One additional credit of service is required.
  • 4 credits of Religious Education (1 unit for each year of attendance at St. Thomas Aquinas)
  • 4 credits of English
  • 4 credits of Social Studies
  • 3 credits of Science
  • 4 credits of Mathematics
  • ½ credit of Physical Education
  • ½ credit of Health
  • 5 credits of Electives
  • 1 credit of Fine Art to be taken during the four years (except Class of 2013)
  • 1 credit of service over four years
Beginning with the graduating class of 2014, students will be required to complete 26 credits that include a Fine Art credit (Art, Music, Visual Communication, Mass Media, and Print Media).

The call to Christian service is a part of our mission. All St. Thomas Aquinas students are required to participate in service work each year they attend St. Thomas Aquinas. Students receive one quarter (.25) credit for each year’s successful completion of the service component. This is a requirement for graduation from St. Thomas Aquinas. Completed service hour information is due the beginning of May each year to Campus Ministry.

Freshman          10 hours
Sophomore        15 hours
Juniors               20 hours
Seniors              30 hours
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