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"We will make it work. The cost of tuition shouldn't stop you from calling. We create unique tuition packages for each family."


"Aquinas provides a unique experience of excellent education and spiritual development, giving students a moral compass that is crucial to all aspects of life. ~ Ever since I was little, my religion has been important to me and part of who I am. Going to STA, I am able to take part in Mass, prayer, and service daily. I think it's important to become closer to God and that's what STA teaches."


"Smaller class sizes mean I get more one-on-one time with my teachers. ~ Teachers are approachable and genuinely care. ~ STA prepared me for future success by focusing heavily on academics. This helped alleviate the pressure that comes with the transition from high school to college."


"STA is made up of hard-working, good families who want the best for their children. ~ Family involvement makes STA the superior choice"


"I transferred from a public school. As an athlete, I never realized having a positive environment in your school and on your team were both important. After going to STA, I realized the environment I was in all day changed my mood. I had fun again when I was playing for Aquinas. I felt the support of the community."


"Our Arts Program isn't about just one form of expression, rather it's an experience that spans a variety of art experiences. ~ Performing at my Catholic school instilled a love for theatre, launching a career on the stage, in commercial television, and in film. ~ Our program encompasses visual and performing arts."
Testimonials From:
Judge Tayrn Heath, STA alumna
Orlasia Hunter, Current student
STA Parent Surveys
Keyri Soler-Rodriguez,STA alumna
Erica Warren, STA alumna
Graceyn Dowd,STA alumna
Criseyda Dowd, SCCS Director of the Arts

The Aquinas Knights Welcome You!

Feel free to contact our Director of Enrollment, Ryan Hill, by phone at 330., ext. 212 330.875.1631 ext. 313 or by email at [email protected] or fill out our online Inquiry Form and our enrollment team will contact you.
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