Intervention Services

St. Thomas provides services of two intervention specialists to help students with learning disabilities to work on their educational plans, at both the middle school and high school level. They are available to help work on the ISP goals, study skills and to provide interventions for students with a service plan. 
What's available for my child? 
St. Thomas has the services of two Intervention Specialists, one in middle school and one in high school for students who have learning disabilities. 
Middle school students are pulled out of classes/study hall for small group work. High school students are scheduled for intervention during one period of the day, generally in place of their study hall. 
What services are available? 
The following are some of the ways our Intervention Specialists are able to help our students.
  • Small group tutoring
  • One on one help
  • Additional explanations on newly learned concepts
  • Quiet environment to study
  • Small group testing
  • Help with projects
  • Computers for research 

Our Intervention Specialists are Mrs. Perna, the STA High School Specialist, and Mrs. Zink, the STA Middle School Specialist.
Mrs. Perna has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Geneva College and a Master of Arts degree in Special Education from Malone University with a 7-12 license in English and a K-12 in Special Education from the State of Ohio.
Mrs. Zink received her Bachelors degree from Ohio University and a Masters of Arts Degree from Muskingum University with a license in K-12 Special Education from the State of Ohio.


Intervention Specialists:
Kristen Zink

Barbara Krajcovic
[email protected]

Adam Smith

Title I Tutors:
Denise Weber
Georgann Foltz 

Courtney Fletcher
[email protected] 
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