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St. Thomas Aquinas High School and Middle School work to keep tuition as low as possible, through subsidies, fundraising efforts, and grant and scholarship programs, while still providing students access to outstanding academic, athletic, spiritual, and extra-curricular programs. St. Thomas Aquinas High School and Middle School’s tuition price is one of the lowest in the state of Ohio.
Stark County Catholic Schools offer $1.5 million in tuition assistance every year!

High School Tuition
Actual cost to educate a High School student per year: $12,500
2019-2020 tuition cost for non-Catholic parishioners: $9,750
2019-2020 tuition cost for Catholic parishioners: $8,240
Average price of tuition paid by our families after tuition assistance: $5,800

Middle School Tuition
2019-2020 tuition cost: $4650
Average price of tuition paid by our families after tuition assistance: $2,750

Tuition Assistance

St.Thomas Aquinas offers several programs to help make tuition affordable for all families. Cost should never prevent a student from obtaining a high quality, Catholic education.

Tuition Incentive Programs
Discounts are offered to families that fit one or more of the following (families are eligible for one/more if they apply):
  • Alumni Discount – Deduct $250 
    • Son/daughter of an STA alumnus, one per child (up to 3 children)
  • Multiple Siblings Discount – Deduct 5% off of the total tuition bill for the family For families with more than one student attending St. Thomas Aquinas 3 or more students – take 50% off of the youngest sibling’s tuition cost
  • Refer a New Family – Deduct $250 For families who recommend a new student (the new student must enroll for classes at STA and transfer from a non-Diocese of Youngstown school), one-time deduction.
  • Non-Traditional Student – Deduct $250 For families who transfer from a non-Diocese of Youngstown school, one-time deduction
  • Stark County Catholic Elementary School Discount - Deduct $400 off of the entire family tuition bill for a student who has a younger sibling attending a Stark County Catholic Elementary School
Tuition Grant Options
Families may apply for one or more of the following on an annual basis. Some of these options have deadlines to apply, please note those deadlines. We also have rolling financial aid packages available. These programs are based on the financial need of each family. All grants are confidential. Aid is determined once information is submitted to SmartAid (the link is located on the right side of this page).
  • Parish Tuition Subsidy -  Families who are active members of a Stark County Catholic parish receive the built-in parishioner tuition rate (reflected above in the tuition cost).
  • Memorial & Honorary Grants -  Memorial and Honorary Grants are provided each year. These grants are based on the following criteria: financial need, evidence of academic progress, Christian example, service to others, and interest and involvement in school and/or community, including parish.
  • Youngstown Diocesan Grant - (In memory of Mary Ellen Cushwa Wolsonovich) This grant is provided by the Diocese (not STA) and is based on the family’s financial need determined by SmartAid tuition assistance. Families must complete the digital SmartAid application, located by following the SmartAid link to the right, by April 14, 2019.
  • Student Scholarship Agreement -  Students may volunteer to earn tuition credit by volunteering on summer crews.
  • Parent Scholarship Agreement -  Parents may volunteer to earn tuition credit toward their son/daughter’s tuition. Volunteer hours can be accumulated in the school cafeteria or other maintenance areas. Maintenance hours are scheduled after-school and in the evening, cafeteria and kitchen house are available during the day.
  • EdChoice Scholarship - St. Thomas Aquinas High School and Middle School is a provider of the State of Ohio voucher program. Families eligible for these state-funded scholarships must meet state designated financial need levels or have students assigned to a state-designated list of public schools. Please visit the State of Ohio website on the right side-bar.
  • Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union Scholarships -  Each year the Ohio Catholic FCU awards scholarships to students who currently attend Catholic high schools. Scholarships are awarded based primarily upon need and given in the amount of $500. In order to apply, families must be a member of the Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union and willing to submit proof of income. Online applications can be accessed beginning January 28 and ending in early March. To learn more visit Ohio Catholic FCU. The scholarship funds will be sent directly to the Catholic school in the name of the family awarded the funds no later than mid-August. 

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are not based on financial need and are awarded through the Guidance Department. Applications for the scholarships listed below are available to incoming freshmen students for the following school year. Some of these options have deadlines to apply, please note those deadlines. We also have rolling financial aid packages available. To be considered, students must take a scholarship qualifying test, please call the main office for details at 330-875-1631.

  • Teachers’ Confederation Scholarship The Youngstown Diocesan Confederation of Teachers donates toward a scholarship fund. Freshmen attending STA and other diocese schools are eligible to win this scholarship. The freshmen must have a 3.0 or higher GPA and must show leadership and responsibility. Each winner will receive $100, renewable yearly, applied toward their STA tuition. A 3.0 GPA must be maintained all four years. Interested students should obtain an application and reference sheets from Mr. Pederzolli by March 2, 2018. Deadline for turning in the completed application and essay to Mr. Pederzolli is March 16, 2018.

Financial Aid Checklist:

  • March 16– Deadline for filing Smart Aid application for the Wolsonovich Scholarship
  • March 23 – Priority deadline for filing for Aquinas financial aid with Smart Aid. While we offer opportunities for tuition assistance at any time of the year, there are grant and scholarship programs that have application deadlines.
  • May – Families who applied for aid by March 16 will be notified of financial aid status
  • July 1 – Tuition plan on file with the Aquinas Business Office

Payment Methods:

  1. Pay in full by July 1st – receive $100 discount
  2. Pay in two payments – August 1 and January 1
  3. Loan through DOY Credit Union or Friends & Family Credit Union – receive up to $125 discount
  4. Monthly payments through FACTS
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