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Wednesday, January 20
“Lord, the Inauguration is a big day for our nation today as Joe Biden becomes our President and Kamala Harris our Vice president. None of us can foresee what will happen in the next four years, but we know that it will all go according to your plan. Show us how to best pray for the leaders of this nation and the policies they will enact. Help our talk to be seasoned with salt and that we set a good example to the world of trust, of honor, and of Christlike love. Remind us to pray often for those who lead us and to ask that you place in the lives of our leaders, advisors who will lead according to the statutes and principles of the nation and those found within Scripture. Amen.”

Attention Culture Club:
The next meeting is Thursday Jan 28.
Focus: Hispanic culture
We will have a student led presentation and a $5 gift exchange.
See our Google Classroom or Señora Oyster for more information.

Tuesday, January 19
"Lord Jesus, may I give you fitting honor in the way I live my life and in the way I treat my neighbor. May I honor the Lord's Day as a day holy to you. And may I always treat others with the same mercy and kindness which you have shown to me. Free me from a critical and intolerant spirit that I may always seek the good of my neighbor."

All high school girls interested in track, and are not in a winter sport, you can start workouts now. There will be a meeting today at 3:15 in the boardroom.

Please keep Fr. Dyer in your prayers, he is in the hospital

There will be no masses this week due to Father being sick

Monday, January 18

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