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STA Chemistry Students Tackle the "Unknown"

In our honors chemistry class with Mr. Vagedes, students are constantly learning about the properties and behaviors of different elements and compounds. But sometimes, the most exciting learning comes from the unknown! That's exactly what happens in this "Known and Unknown" lab, where students have the opportunity to test their own hypotheses and see what happens when different ions are mixed together.

In this lab, some of the ions were "known," meaning students were given their identities and expected results beforehand. Others were "unknown," meaning they had to make predictions based on their own observations and knowledge. For the known ions, students were able to quickly and confidently predict the outcomes of the experiments. But it was the unknown ions that really sparked curiosity! Students carefully observed the colors, odors, and any other noticeable changes that occurred when they mixed them. They recorded their observations and made educated guesses about their identities. Overall, the "Known and Unknown" lab was a fun and engaging way for students to apply what they have learned in class and think critically about the chemistry taking place in front of them! It's always exciting to explore the unknown and see what new discoveries can be made!

How many of you remember this classic lesson from Mr. Vagedes?! #TheAquinasAdvantage #KnightsKnowlege

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