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STA Anatomy: Hands-On Dissection's

High school anatomy class can be a fun and educational experience, especially when it involves hands-on activities like dissecting a sheep brain! Mrs. Boggs' anatomy class got a firsthand look at the intricate structure and functions of the brain, which is often considered the most complex organ in the human body. This is a powerful learning experience that helps students understand the importance of the brain and its role in controlling the body's functions.

St. Thomas Aquinas is proud to provide hands-on learning opportunities such as dissections in anatomy class as part of its science curriculum. We are committed to providing students with an education that is both rigorous and engaging, and the hands-on approach to learning is an important part of this. With attentive teachers and a focus on preparing students for college and careers, we are dedicated to giving students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed!  

Come see #TheAquinasAdvantage yourself at our Spring Open House on Thursday, March 23, 5:30-7:30 p.m.! We are also offering multiple opportunities to Shadow a Knight every Friday in February! For more information, contact our enrollment director, Ryan Hill, at [email protected] or 330.875.1631!

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