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Faith, legacy and coming together makes Aquinas a special place

Before classes began, teachers and staff spent a week together preparing for the year. There was a lot of work completed during that time, but two things really highlight what is unique about STA. First is FAITH, each day began in prayer and the week started with a prayer service asking for God’s hand to guide the STA community through a safe and successful school year.
Second is the discussion about the LEGACY of STA, led by Father Thomas Dyer. He shared, “we’ve had and produced incredible graduates, from incredible families, who have done incredible things. As a member of the STA family, you are part of something pretty spectacular. We’ve celebrated academic successes, athletic victories, amazing arts, and outstanding student organizations. The Aquinas family has experienced great joy, enjoyed countless celebrations, and faced the occasional challenging moment, but we’ve gone through all of that, TOGETHER, as a family. Those experiences live on in each one of us and in this community.”
The work done at in-service and the words of Father Dyer are powerful reminders for the Aquinas community: FAITH, LEGACY, and coming TOGETHER are part of what makes Aquinas a special place.

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